Born from interplanetary freakiness, raised in the Universe, marching to the masses, The Hot Sauce has one mission – to make folks dance! Sensing a need for people to hip shake out of their chairs and spend a few moments in bliss forgetting where you are and just cuttin’ that booty loose, The Hot Sauce was born.

The band’s inspiration includes huge fat nasty bass lines that make even your Grandmother do a double step, a frying pan full of bacon, bass drum bombs, capricorns, Mr. Dug and his sensational ways, Rerun’s dance moves, and BBQ! Summed up by one fan’s quote, “Maaaannn, when you leave a Hot Sauce show all you want to do is go home and make babies!”

Join tHS Universe at our next show and check out the funkiest party goin’ down right under your noses and just below your feet!

The Hot Sauce is:

Astro J.
Throat & Gospel

The Col. Dance Maker
Sticks & Skins

Mofo Dre
Low-End Gravity

Mr. Biz
Strings Rock Solid

Ghetto Blaster Master
Fingers Move Feet

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